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Why am i here?

2014-01-04 20:23:58 by 113420

Answer: I'm not!

Too bad for you.

It's been forever since i made a post. Bully for me.

No 'fense, but i hate the newgrounds community. You're not interesting. Hence... me doing other things.

oh, dang.

2009-08-28 02:30:08 by 113420

cheated out of it again.
once again, it got daily 6th place.
JUST low enough not to get a trophy. JUST enough.
aww well. i suppose the daily awards go to things that actually take more effort.


2009-08-27 14:22:54 by 113420

i just submitted my first stuff in ages.
you can find it yourself.
just getting a new post in here, really.
leave me some feedback on it, huh?

so to all you people who happen to be wondering...

2008-10-01 18:45:50 by 113420

EM2 starts for real NOW! because now i have sexy music!
now please continue with the movie-ings.


2008-09-22 14:34:43 by 113420

now go kill someone for fun.


2008-08-30 06:36:41 by 113420

okay, next up, im gonna make a new tutorial. it's basically gonna be everything that HFT left out. it'll include basic techniques, such as gradients and line thickness, as well as more advanced (relatively) skills like blurs and some actionscript.

avatar service

2008-08-14 04:27:35 by 113420

sounds stupid, right? but no! i can make avatars for people. animated, holding still, whatever. send me a PM if you want one, and check out this one which i just finished!
i made this one for khherobaby kitsune on sheezyart.

avatar service

woah, i have a mainpage.

2008-08-07 15:22:09 by 113420

i has a mainpage on sheezyart! finally, an entire website contained in a 315KB .swf file.
ill be updating it as time goes. so keep looking everyday, there might be something new! like a new easter egg.
oh, and i might later make a newgrounds version- depends how popular i get.


2008-08-04 00:00:44 by 113420

so i submitted my stuff to sheezyart. you dont care, do you? you could go and watch, but its nothing you havnt seen before.


bob-omb unrelated.


'twas bored and ready to animate

2008-08-01 22:25:08 by 113420

so i made a bob omb for you enjoyment.
if you want it to be less creepy, remove the mouth.

aaaaaanyways, tankbuster781 wanted to compare his flash animations to mine, so we got workin on a collab.
might be done soon, lucky for you. =3
anyways, i use nothing but tweens and he uses nothing but FBF. for the last project, i agreed to do FBF if he used tweens.
this should be interesting.
so, blah, and all that stuff.
now i leave you with my own personal bob omb.

'twas bored and ready to animate