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Why am i here?

2014-01-04 20:23:58 by 113420

Answer: I'm not!

Too bad for you.

It's been forever since i made a post. Bully for me.

No 'fense, but i hate the newgrounds community. You're not interesting. Hence... me doing other things.


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2014-01-04 20:57:52

Alright, then do us all a favor and fuck off.

Have a WONDERFUL day. :)


2014-01-04 23:18:32



2014-08-20 03:12:46

Such a shame, It was really fun watching your Epic madness video. Would've been awesome if you made more.


2015-01-31 07:12:18

Hey you're still alive. Long time no see!


2015-02-04 21:18:04

Depends. Are you made out of cheese or choco bananas?

113420 responds:

All of the above.


2015-02-09 20:54:48

In that case, it's clearly the the effect of the large flarp effect of active gravitational bodies generated between close cases of cheese and choco bananas...

[You tune out the long, boring technobabble mumble]

... which is why you're here. Hope this helps.


2015-02-11 05:45:56

Hey there, wherever you are! I'm wondering: whatever happened to 'Handy flash techniques 2'? Did it ever exist?

113420 responds:

It did, but it was hilariously unpopular. I think I've lost the original file, too.


2015-03-29 04:23:07

Ah, bummer. Makes me all the more curious as to how it was to have made it to that which it isn't. Must've been pretty different from the prequel/sequel!


2015-09-11 16:34:52

kidna rare to see a old madness fan still active,
loved your first work <3


2015-09-17 00:00:09

your first work will Always be the best, i hope you make another one eventually