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Rebooting The Madness Rebooting The Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Okay, so Newton Greenshades breaks into the facilitymajiggy with only his pistol and funny-shaped knife, and on the way he angers mister sunshine by pushing him off a cliff. mister Sunshine is then injected with a syringe of monster fluid by a mysterious vanishing scientist (henceforth called doctor Combustiscalp) and then Sunshine's life purpose is to get revenge on the rude newton Greenshades. Combustiscalp then injects a hapless test subject with more monster fluid, changing the victim into crustacean demon. Greenshades, oblivious, once again fights off the now-relentless mister Sunshine and then finds himself running for his life from both the crustacean demon and a guy with a riot shield who was too unimportant to give a proper name to. Then, after another confrontation with sunshine and the crustacean, Greenshades ducks into a control room where sunshine (now monstrous) kills the annoying riot shield-wielding stalker. Greenshades fights him off again, and tells the still-alive control room guy to open a container which just so happens to contain Sir Edgar GunsForHands, who escapes and manages to wound doctor Combustiscalp. Meanwhile, Greenshades decides to recruit the previously-unimportant control room guy, transforming him into Saint Michael Tangerine. Tangerine uses his newfound abilities to possess a guard with a grenade launcher and blast open the door for him. Sir Edgar GunsForHands, on the other hand, gets into a confrontation with Sunshine, for some reason, and manages to slice him up with a sword despite the fact that he has guns for hands. GunsForHands is cornered but the gun-wielding, body-spewing sunshine, but at the last moment, Tangerine proves his allegiance once and for all by putting a grenade into sunshine's head and saving Edgar. Then, the now-united trio are ambushed by crustacean demon, who drags Greenshades and an unsuspecting guard into the space below. (the guard gets a pretty gnarly crab-claw wound while he's at it, too.) Sir Edgar GunsForHands and the loyal Tangerine are then ambushed AGAIN by doctor Combustiscalp, not two seconds after crustacean demon vanished into the floor. Greenshades, whose green shades were broken by the fall, runs for his life from crustacean demon and manages to find a nifty set of orange ultra goggles. Using these, he flings the crab-clawed guard into the wall and runs once again fron crustacean demon. GunsForHands and Tangerine fight off Combustiscalp in the room above, and the doctor decides to flee the only way any sane person would; through the floor (during the scuffle, Tangerine uses his power to possess Edgar and picks up some monster fluid for some reason). Down below, Greenshades fails to fight off Combustiscalp and is himself injected with monster fluid. Then shot in the back of the head by the crab-clawed guard, who survived his trip into the wall. The guard then stumbles into Tangerine and the rather dazed Edgar, who do not seem to be hostile towards him for some reason. The guard runs, and Edgar shoots tangerine (possibly accidentally!) and is then set upon by the infuriated crustacean demon, but is saved at the last moment by the now-monstrous Greenshades, who uses his funny knife to put down the crustacean demon once and for all! Greenshades then gives the confused Edgar a remote, and takes the monster fluid from the possibly-deceased tangerine. Greenshades then chases after that cowardly guard who had the gall to shoot him in the back of the head. Edgar, meanwhile, gets into an elevator and encounters Combustiscalp, then shoots him in the head and presses the button on the remote. Then Greenshades explodes, while holding the cowardly guard.

Delicious animation. Very lively. i love it.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

I got a few chuckles out of this review. Loved the names.

The weird knife thing is actually an Irish club called a sheleighly.
Edgar shot Tangerine for taking him over.
And Edgar wanted to restore Greenshades by injecting him with the green syringe (the restorative syringe).

I think I'm keeping these names if I make a sequel.

Don't Sleep, Robby! Don't Sleep, Robby!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think i found all the extras.

That would be the computer, the skull that does nothing in the closet, max's computer, and the pyramid that makes the strange noises in the dream sequence?
Oh... and that "help" thing. how long did it take you to code THAT?

i think i've had an experience like that once. it's like being senile and hyperactive at the same time. yeeeeee.
EXCELLENT WORK as usual! specially that dream sequence. trippy!
hmm, how'd he get both george washington AND abe lincoln in his house? weird.
...i miss spike now.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, I believe that'd be it. You can do a lot with the computers, maybe even some things you weren't aware of. Maybe you got all that, though. And the pyramid actually does something... more. Or rather, unlocks something? Hmm, maybe you should go back and check a certain menu after clicking it to see for yourself... :3
And don't miss Spike! It's true he's gone, but not in the series! He's actually in one of the backgrounds you know. And the next episode is all about him, so you have that to look forward to. Thansk for watching this one!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

and a pirate i am!

honestly though, i have no idea what point you're trying to make with this, if any.
aside from the obvious animation flaws, it was fairly good and kept me watching.
anyway. on to the juicy discussions.
Wouldn't it be nice if everything was free? and the only obligations you have to pay are if you truly want to support the creators?
yeah, that would be nice. too many people would take advantage of that, though. such a shame.

Starogre responds:

its not too bad. i don't know how many people are actually profiting off illegal software, but most professional businesses and schools have 10s to 100s of copies of adobe's software which makes them a looooot of money. and their software is sold worldwide too...

CD09: Final Boss of Ng 2 CD09: Final Boss of Ng 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAPPY CLOCK DAY or something.

reviews are so overrated.

Chaz-o responds:

Back at ya.

Creepy Doll Creepy Doll

Rated 4 / 5 stars


music is good, animation is... kind of lacking. you'll get better with practice, but there are a lot of glaring flaws from my perspective. i did notice the reviews that say the music is off- that's due to lagging. you can eliminate that by switching the music from "start" or "event" to "stream", which makes it so the music is linked to the animation.
another tip i would like to give... use "ease". it smooths out motion tweens. it helps a lot.
if you're at all interested, i've made a wee little tutorial that outlines a lot of the skills i use.

keep practicing!

mrslovett responds:

thanks for your review, helps :)

ingenuity ingenuity

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i likes it!

i like seeing feats of ingenuity, especially when they build off of things already established. i found the concept refreshing and the atmosphere perfect.
a couple ideas might've been a bit cliche'd, though. like taking the idea lightbulb from above your head.
and it was short.
but i liked it.
keep making things!

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Fågelskrämman Fågelskrämman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

excellently done!

while it is masterfully atmospheric, there are a few glaring flaws that get me when i watch it. i understand the pain and the sorrow of the scarecrow and the hard to see bird thing and blah blah blah blah blah you get enough compliments on that. i am here to bring things to a literal level!
okay, major flaw #1: inconsistency! sometimes the mouth things were torn, then they were repaired, and it fluctuated. that's confusing.
#2! no degradation! while the bird crap and the tear were always there, the tear would get gradually worse and the bird crap would eventually go away. also the mouth thingy. and! if snow is piling onto it and making it sag, it wouldn't go back to normal! it would keep sagging more and more! and while the full extent of the sagging is illustrated at the end, i dont get the feel that it's dying as much as it is trapped in an endless loop. so yeah, that would be sad if the bird crap and gun wound were highlights in your life. but i just dont think you captured the effect quite right. could use a little refining there!
anyway! it doesn't get a perfect score because there's room for improvement! but i still thought it was very good and all of that clarification stuff ima go play mario.

Sometimes, y Sometimes, y

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

no wait i don't get it.

okay i get the concept and stuff and it looks like it would actually make a good movie, and it is well enough animated to hold my attention. especially the water ripple thing, how did you do that?
but anyway! while some of the jokes were a wee bit funny, it wasn't really haha funny. especially that one line, "you can alpha-bet on it." okay, the first time i didn't get it, probably due to my own ignorance, but... it's not... clever. it's a nerd pun. okay maybe i should laugh at it then. hahahaha predictable joke. but the humor could be more refined and witty. i did find the exclamation point duel rather funny, as they do make good swords in retrospect, but it's still not all that funny...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very good!

i have had no previous knowledge of the series, but i doubt the storyline can be more than i suspect. evil bad guy takes gannon's place link needs alternate master sword to defeat all evil after going through a bunch of temples.
oh, and the useless bitch was kidnapped again.
anyway! i found the voices were of good enough quality and volume, this is one of those few spinoffs where you don't need to twist that little volume knob thingy in order to keep track of the storyline and at the same time keep your ears from bleeding. GOOD EXAMPLE! you get a cookie!
anyway while the story was a bit arbitrary and the baddies were just zelda characters from other games (or custom sprites or other games that i really dont care about) i found a disappointing lack of glorious fight scenes, in which link shows off the true art of waving a sword around like a chimp. no wait that was twilight princess. in link to the past he only swings it in one direction. so less chimp and more... wait, what the hell swings in only one direction?
and the deaths of the people! what was with that! i could practically see that little transform tool warping the shape of a baddie a bit and sticking it in a blood sprite. you could have done a lot better in that aspect... although so could link, with his rather unimaginative fighting style. oh well, can't change sprites, i guess. oh wait, you can but it's tedious so why not just get new ones.
anyway! what action scenes that did appear were fast paced and fun, although with a stunning lack of camera size and smoothness. but then again i pride myself on making fluid animations so maybe that's just me talking out of personal preference. it gave me the feeling of a game demo where you get to hack your way through a small group of enemies trying to figure out the most fantastic and entertaining way of disemboweling them, which, of course, is via hookshoot to the 3 consecutive faces. which of course brings me to the question of why he felt the need to hop along pillars when he has a perfectly good pointy thing on a stick.
anyway! the boss sequence stuck out at me, as my experience fighting this particular boss was well remembered, although it was using different sprites. i liked seeing link get punted against the wall by a random burst of lightning and then extracting his sweet revenge on the murderous fatass that was trying to kill him for some vague reason.
and then a small criticism i'd like to make is the stunning lack of explanation as to why the hell link entered the lost woods without his waving stick and had to fight off 3 murderous zombie things by hand. who could have been town greeters who were a little overenthusiastic for all we know. and then the whole town gets pissed off at link's senseless bad manners so they decide to evict him, and suddenly they all freeze when one guy with a few extra pixels decides to give link a shiny mirror and otherwise stand there,
okay, so make talk scene animation. and not just the paintbrush mouth. those look cheesy enough, so at least i'm glad you didn't make me sit through horribly attempted cutscene animation.
but all in all it was quite short and unsatisfying for that 30 seconds of load time. it's all a bit fast paced and it gets a bit disorienting, like listening to a summary of your favorite game and then going to play it and finding that it was a hell of a lot different when you added in some details. but i won't let that stop me from giving a good review, despite its shortcomings i enjoyed it and hope to see more that are just a little bit more refined.
oh, and no i am not going to look at the previous ones. i'm looking for improvement here, and watching a series in backwards order only makes you realize how bad the first ones are in comparison to the later ones.

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mad-dave responds:

Well its your choice, but i would have suggested watching it from the start. They storyline is still there, regardless of the variance of quality of animation.

Rube Goldberg Drill Rube Goldberg Drill

Rated 4 / 5 stars

yay, originality!

i think this is why my last drill broke. i should feed that guy inside of it.

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evan210 responds:

maybe that third guy(the treadmill dude) fell asleep.